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About The Stickers

Are The Once Upon a Wall Stickers Safe for My Child’s Environment??

Yes. All of our stickers have been tested and comply with regulations concerning Lead in surface coating, lead in substrate, and phthalate.

What are the Stickers Made Of??

All of our stickers are made of top quality patented adhesive fabric media.

Are the Stickers Easy to Apply??

The Once Upon a Wall stickers are really easy to apply but for the best results be sure to follow our detailed instructions. It is important to apply them to a clean surface.

How Do I Clean the Stickers??

They are so easy to clean as all it takes is wiping them with a damp cloth.

Are the Stickers Reusable??

One of the best features of our wall stickers is that they can easily be peeled off of the surface they are attached to and reused again or repositioned. They are made of top quality fabric material that adds to their durability and helps them to retain their shape. They are tear and wrinkle resistant.

Will the Stickers Damage the Surface When Removing??

No. Our wall stickers are comprised of low tack adhesive which has been designed for a strong non peel hold but will not leave any residue when peeled from the surface carefully.

What are the Advantages of Using Once Upon a Wall Stickers over other Forms of Room Décor??

It takes time and money to keep up with the interactive growing phases of little ones when it comes to their room décor. Painting and papering is something you can avoid by changing the entire theme of a room in just a few moments with the application of the wall decals.

Shipping and Returns

What are your Postage Costs??

We offer FREE Australia wide postage on all orders over $75. For any order less than this, we offer a flat rate of $10.

We can also ship internationally! Please contact for shipping costs outside of Australia.

Do you Accept Returns??

We accept returns on all of our products.

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with the stickers, just return them to us in the same condition you received them in and we will happily process a full refund. Just send us an email to let us know they are coming back and we will provide you with the details to return them.

In the even more unlikely event of any problems with the stickers, we guarantee all of our stickers again faulty workmanship for a year. If you have any problems then please contact us at [email protected] and we will be able to offer a replacement or refund.