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About Us

We are not only a company that loves children, but as parents of two little girls, we truly believe in the importance of having a healthy environment to grow and thrive in that allows them to develop their imagination, and interact with their parents.

We started off looking for wall stickers to decorate the walls of our childrens rooms and found there was very little out there that was bright and individual designs that really caught their imagination. When we did find some, we soon realised when we tried to take the off the walls, the true cost of buying poor quality stickers when the paint was taken off the walls when removing the stickers and leaving a residue and then stickers ended up peeling at the edges after just a couple of months. Knowing this, and wanting to be part of the world of imagination of children is what has lead us to developing our company, Once Upon a Wall.

We are located on the Gold Coast Australia but provide amazing wall art stickers to clients around the world. No matter what nationality a child may be we have found they all appreciate strong vibrant colors our stickers, and the intrigue of the stories that our top quality wall stickers are capable of creating.

We realise the interaction between children and their parents’ plays a very important in the lives of all, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to be a part of this with our range of products.

Our company policy is to offer the very best in customer service, and we welcome any feedback that any of our clients have to offer. We strive to keep ourselves up to date as to the needs of children when it comes to their entertainment in the form of art and storytelling.

Our priority is offering the highest quality, unique wall stickers for your children’s rooms that will not mark your walls, will not peel after a short amount of time and can be moved and respositioned as often as you ( or your child!) wants!

We really hope that you and your children get as much enjoyment from our large selection of wall art stickers as we do in bringing them to you.

Once Upon A Wall